About Us

Canada's north: where we learned a new perspective.

Arctic light. Photo by Ed Maruyama.Arctic light. Photo by Ed Maruyama.

Imaituk principals Brian McLeod and Lorraine Thomas have worked with many talented people across Canada's arctic over the past two decades. We learned to see multiple ways to make things work - based on the needs and capacity of people making positive change.

In 2006, we moved from Iqaluit to Winnipeg, where we continue to provide consulting services to many northern clients.

While Imaituk is a small firm, our reach is substantial. Imaituk has a large network of associates across Canada -- people who have the right experience and the right perspective to effectively serve northern and remote organizations.

Imaituk: about our company name

Imaituk is an Inuktitut word (Baffin region) loosely translated into English, meaning "thing-a-ma-jig", "doo-hickey", or "whatsit".

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