Service based on experience in Canada's north

Traditional travel, Nunavut. Photo by Ed Maruyama.Traditional travel, Nunavut. Photo by Ed Maruyama.

Specializing in working in cross-cultural settings, Imaituk brings extensive experience working with Aboriginal organizations in remote communities.

We offer support to Aboriginal organizations from start to finish - from helping to develop organizations, putting together the right negotiating team, evaluating business opportunities, consulting with communities, dealing with media, to getting your message out.

Experience gained working in the Arctic for over 20 years has provided us with an understanding of the realities of what many remote communities face when trying to manage or implement projects.

The Kakivak Association has evolved...into one of the most effective CEDOs in the country. In the early days, there were overlapping mandates with other Inuit organizations in the Baffin region and other kinds of organizational growing pains, however these problems have been essentially overcome. KA has developed into a strong organization with good management and political leadership, strong community support and a skilled team that is capable of delivering support to local businesses and providing employment and training services to the Inuit population in the Baffin region.” —Review of INAC CEDO Program, 2003